Let's Go Brandon Health & Freedom Rally


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Stew Peters

Host of the Stew Peters Show, providing real news produced by real journalists. 

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Peymon Mottahedeh

President and founder of Freedom Law School will show you how to break free from the IRS’ deception, robbery and slavery and live a truly free life.

Leigh Dundas

Human rights attorney for America’s Frontline Doctors will tell us on the status of fighting COVID19 mandates. 

Jack Maxey

Hunter Biden’s laptop whistleblower, with guest speaker Vish Burra.

Dr. Lee Merritt

Former president of Association of American Physicians & Surgeons: Are these injections vaccines or bioweapons?

David Martin

Developer of advanced computer systems, advisor to industry & governments

Jason Sisneros

Entrepreneur and philanthropist will speak on his heroic actions on rescuing victims of sex trafficking, as well as the state of economic warfare. 

Lisa Lovelady

A health advocate, Lisa will educate you on the dangerous effects of 5G and all wireless radiation.

Mary Tocco

Natural healthcare expert of over 40 years experience will speak on childhood vaccine schedules and vaccine risks. 

April Moss

CBS Whistleblower, now America’s Voice investigator, will speak about employee vaccine mandates and COVID death numbers deception. 

Dr. Jane Ruby

Former Washington DC drug development researcher will share how the COVID19 injections were illegally fast tracked to approval without your safety in mind.

Walter West

Former Texas GOP Sergeant At Arms will share why we should forget about the Ukraine invasion and focus on the American invasion and child trafficking at the US/Mexico border. 

Joel Patrick

Musician, political activist speaking truth about political corruption, the importance of trades and two parent households. 

Kevin Stillwagon

A chiropractor and pilot forced into retirement will speak about the dangers of mask and vaccine mandates. 

Larry BeCraft

Criminal and civil litigation lawyer will tell you how he is fighting against coronavirus mandates. 

Stanford Graham

Executive Director for Sanacor International, the producer of Cardio Miracle speaks on preventing blood clots from COVID vaccine.

Jeff Daugherty

Former 20-year minister & bible college graduate with 100,000+ hours of study in the biblical texts to help UNindoctrinate you!